Constitutional Law in Greece

Constitutional Law in Greece
by: P.C. Spyropoulos, T.P. Fortsakis
March 2009,  ISBN 9041128786 ,  ISBN 13: 9789041128782
Paperback , 396 pp.

The Authors, Acknowledgements, List of Abbreviations, Glossary, Note, General Introduction, Selected Bibliography Part I. Constitutional History, Sources of Constitutional Law, Codification and Interpretation Chapter 1. An Outline of Constitutional History Chapter 2. Sources of Constitutional Law Chapter 3. Codification and Interpretation of Legal Rules Part II. The Head of State Chapter 1. Election and SubstitutionChapter 2. Legal Status Chapter 3. Competence Chapter 4.Responsibility Part III. Parliament Chapter 1. The Organ of StateChapter 2. Legal Status Chapter 3. Competence Chapter 4.Organization Chapter 5. Workings of Parliament Chapter 6. The Dissolution of Parliament Chapter 7. Political Parties, Lobbies and Interest Groups Chapter 8. Referendum Part IV. Public Administration Chapter 1. The Government Chapter 2. Advisory and Supervisory Institutions Chapter 3. Constitutional Independent Authorities and Other Independent Administrative Authorities Chapter 4. Other Advisory Bodies in the Public Administration Chapter 5. Decentralization Chapter 6. Local Government Chapter 7. Functional Self-administration Chapter 8. The Principles of Action and Personnel of the Public AdministrationChapter 9. Control of Administrative Action Part V. The Judiciary Chapter 1. Judicial Organization Chapter 2. Legal Status of JudgesChapter 3. Judicial Review of the Unconstitutionality of Laws Part VI. Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Chapter 1. General Chapter 2. The Particular Rights and Freedoms Part VII. Specific Issues Chapter 1.Religious Freedom, Church and State Chapter 2. Citizenship, Minorities,Chapter 3. Taxing and Spending Power Chapter 4. The State of Siege (Emergency): War Selected Bibliography, The Constitution of Greece, Index

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