The New Brain Sciences: Perils and Prospects

The New Brain Sciences: Perils and Prospects
Publisher: Cambridge University Press | pages: 316 | 2004 | ISBN: 0521537142 |
PDF | 10,9 mb

What are the legal, ethical and moral implications of research in "the new brain sciences"? Rees and Rose, two distinguished British academics, invited the contributors to this collection of essays to ask hard questions about these subjects. Their answers will make you stop and think. You might hope, for example, that decades of progress in psychiatry and psychology would be helping courts assess guilt, innocence and appropriate punishments. But contributor Stephen Sedley, a British judge who spent six years presiding over homicide cases, finds experts to be of little value. He admires the jury system because "of the rapidity with which twelve lay people were generally able to grasp and apply to a live problem before them principles of law."

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